About Me

Hello, I’m B, a twenty-something year old European-Egyptian living in London with a thing for planes and escaping real life faraway places. Over the past 12 years, I’ve travelled to more than 20 countries, fallen in love with countless cities and picked up some priceless travel tips along the way. I’m always plotting my next getaway and marvelling at the beauty of the universe we live in (and getting nerdy over airplanes!)

In my social circles I’m often assigned the title of “the traveller” meaning I’m the first point of call for itinerary help. Though I never get bored of helping with itineraries, it does get repetitive the 50th time I’m asked “What should we do in Istanbul?” or “Where should we honeymoon in South East Asia?”. I’ve always shared my travel photos on Instagram, but this blog will allow me to share a bunch of useful information to (hopefully) help others on their travels too!

I wish I could say I’ve quit my job to travel the world full time but nope, I haven’t had that stroke of luck yet! I travel as often as I can afford to (and as often I can get time off work)  just like so many other young professionals and which is why I’m keen to show you how you can too!

As a Muslim who has to carefully navigate challenges of #TravellingWhileMuslim, all things from hijabi-friendliness and halal food options are always at the forefront of my trip-planning, so be sure to look out for the Muslim Travel Tips too 🙂

So hop on board, Come Fly With B and let’s explore the world together!

Little notes : –
– You may hear mention of “Mr H” or “Mr Hazelnut” – that would be my husband, and my favourite travel partner by far!
– No my name is not just “B” – it’s nine letters long so “B” makes a more efficient stand-in!

– Please don’t steal photos without permission : (